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Monday, 3 May 2010

Website Spring Clean

The website has been cleaned up a fair bit. Lots of work with no home was distracting from what I am trying to head for at the moment so I have cut it down to the bare essentials.

In the past this has always helped with pushing forward on current projects. I feel that photos taken not only should stand on their own - but also move me onwards towards a goal. A lot of the work done in the last 5 months have helped me immensely to get to what I am doing now -which I feel will keep me going for a large part of the year - but the 'transitional' work needed to be moved away from the site.

I am now working on two projects only - the continuing 'Poppit' work which I will throw myself into after June - and the 'Two Capitals' project (was Three Capitals!) which I am spending all my time on at the moment. The look of the two projects are so different I am wondering what it will do to the look of my Poppit work when I return there.

The book is doing well - it would seem that the USA have a taste for Poppit.


  1. Hello Mike,
    Your work is great. I like the Poppit Sands stuff best. Loads of people do ripples but not like you. Are you going to do more sandy stuff?

  2. Hi Chez,

    Yep, I still go to Poppit but I am finding that all my thoughts are with my building shots at the moment. I think that you have to go with your gut feeling about things and do what you really are excited about. I have never had a good shoot on something that didn't excite me - and at the moment it is Cardiff and London and capturing buildings. It may well change in the future but not while I am so fired up.