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Photographer based in South Wales, UK. Working mainly on a single beach - Poppit Sands.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

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  1. Another great shot Mike. Very unusual. It is a giant leap away from your Poppit Sands work. How did you manage to move from that to this??

    Dave Burnett

  2. Hi Dave,

    I think that after 3 years of working in solitude on a cold beach at dusk finally got to me! I started to find my mind wandering and thinking about new ways of capturing images. I have always been a great fan of photographers like Keith Carter and Polly Chandler - but I knew that I couldn't just try and figure out how they did what they did - I needed to take that learning journey from the start, so I started taking hundreds of shots and slowly started to tweek my technique. This led me up a few dead ends but I am getting excited about where I am going at the moment. Who knows - it may go full circle and I will end up doing pin-sharp beach shots at Poppit again!