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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Return to Simpler Things

After a long period of thinking in a certain way I have found it interesting to almost 'wipe' my mind clear and begin afresh with something as simple as it gets - with not even a viewfinder fitted - to see if the most simple of images can create emotion or reaction - and if it can then is it worth studying further - or is the secret in the fact that it wasn't studied and measured and tested beforehand?

Thursday, 26 May 2011

More London work

I am still working on my London shoots. There is such a mass of information collected from my London visits that it is taking a while to make the cream rise to the top, so to speak. This way of working is so different to Poppit - where weekly visits of 12 shots each was the norm - but I can still feel the rush of excitement as I stood in front of these buildings, the same way as I used to feel while shooting the sands at Poppit.
Which is a good sign.

The London work so far can be seen at http://www.mgjackson.co.uk/gallery_420688.html

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Equipment - important?

After an exhausting few weeks working on the London images I have been relaxing with a small point and shoot camera. I find that the different camera produces a different approach - which got me thinking about how often I hear that the equipment is not important - it is the photographer that takes the photograph.

I am starting to think that this is not true, and maybe just a cliche that people like to throw into the conversation. From my experience the equipment has a profound effect on the work. I feel that the equipment I use is essential in shaping my approach and therefore the final image - from its size, shape and features to its limitations and overall design. I know for a fact that the way the old Hasselblad 500CM felt in my hands effected the way I photographed at Poppit. If I had used a different camera the shots would have been different.

So, for me anyway, I think that the equipment that I use is essential for making a photograph look a certain way.

Monday, 9 May 2011

London work

The latest trip to London is keeping me busy and will do for some weeks to come yet.