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Thursday, 18 March 2010

More testing

Things are moving on well with the new work. New ideas are popping in from all over the place and I am having to keep my efforts concentrated on one specific area - and that is to create a body of work made from strongly composed unique moments that satisfy my need to create images - but allowing the constant tests and trials to alter the project in a gentle way. Oddly this is exactly how my thoughts progressed with my Poppit Sands work - giving me totally different results from what I am doing now.

As time moves on it seems that projects expand and move off in unusual directions. I have come to the conclusion that the complete and binding format of a project should not be thought of first - but should be allowed to change as the work changes. This allows me a freedom to wander and hopefully when the project reaches a conclusion the project statement could read as a summary of what happened during the journey - explaining why the results ended up as they did. This may sound obvious but for me it has taken far too long to realise.

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  1. Just found your site Mike and was amazed at the work. I like the diversity. Your Poppit stuff rocks and your new stuff is really interesting. We hope to visit Wales this year and will be going to Poppit Sands in June. Maybe see you there.