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Friday, 7 August 2009

More tests at Poppit

My last few trips to Poppit allowed me to try out some new ideas that moved me into areas that were sometimes a bit haphazard and uncomfortable - but after a few more tries I am finally getting the shots that I want...


  1. Yes, these definitely work, Mike! The beautiful, receding, hazy curve in the middle one really grabs me. I love the split tone colours too. This holga-type image is a perfect contrast to the precison of your medium-format images and I feel that each benefits greatly from the foil provided by the other.

  2. Yes Mike, very nice images, These look very different to some of your other work on the website. A new direction perhaps,


  3. Thanks for the encouragement guys!

    I am finding that working like this is almost a kind of therapy compaired to the intensity of working on the sharp abstract beach shots. I have noticed this before - how two opposite techniques work well to balance each other off so you don't go completely mad.