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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The ups and downs of new work

There always seem to be days when nothing works - and yet you come back to the work later and it all happens within minutes. I find that the massive highs of creating new work is matched with the miserable depths of repetition and re-working.

But they must both be there - for some reason I always have my highest creative highs after a long batch of admin work or marketing. For some reason the low and boring points are essential - I have no idea why. I often hear of photographers or artists who are upbeat and on the go all the time.

How they do it I have no idea - because without those lows I think my perspective and judgement on my own work would be thrown sideways. I know that when things are not going easily I am very critical of my own work - and therefore edit it down to only the best I can do - and that is essential.

And realising this makes those admin duties a bit more bearable, as they seem to have more than one obvious purpose.

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  1. A very good post Michael. I could not agree more. A friend is often reminding me that times of creative frustration are essential and a good thing. It is a prelude to something new giving birth.