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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Turning towards blur once again

After a number of months pushing in a certain direction I find it refreshing and exciting to get back to some techniques that were developed over last winter. I am getting more and more interested in the 'restriction' of information within a photograph - and how photographs that do restrict can hold a more powerful emotional response.
To test this I printed the below photos out as 9 inches square and also 16 inches square - framed them and then hung them next to a large super sharp 40" x 40" Poppit shot.

Interestingly the smallest photo held its own easily against the 40" shot.
Man and Woman - Carmarthen - Jan 2010

Family, Cardigan, Jan 2010

Zebra Crossing, Carmarthen, Jan 2010


  1. I agree totally, I too am fascinated by the vague and the emotional quality of these images. The vagueness lets you slip off into the subconscious where things are always more interesting!

    Photographs that are questions are more exciting than those that are answers.

    Congrats on your Poppit Sands Ag work too.

  2. Well I'm impressed with your experiment...Nice try.... :)