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Saturday, 11 July 2009

35mm camera mod

In between my work on Poppit I am always trying out new ideas - my latest one was to stick on a Holga lens to my 35mm SLR. It was easy enough to do and needed me to move the lens with my fingers to get the focus right - with the following results....


  1. I've just been having a look through your site again, Mike, and I love the darker images you show. This one with the light trunks and dark woods is a good example. The lighting and composition are both wonderful and this shows it is sometimes good to get away from the pinsharpness of the Hasselblad!

  2. You are right, of course Mark - pin sharpness can get a bit overwhelming at times! I often take my 35mm with me to Poppit too and take shots on the move while the Hasselblad stays firmly in one place - (see the 'studies' section on my website). These shots are often more enjoyable to develop than the medium format ones.