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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Thank you for the messages

I have had a wonderful response to my new gull photos. It is quite a lurch when you move from one type of photography to another and positive comments and emails help immensely as I feel in the dark for something solid to hold onto and use.

After 4 years at Poppit I knew what to do inside out and was very comfortable with it. However, I find that comfort often stops one from growing. Now I am following a totally different subject, with different equipment and ideas. For me the subject should make the photos. The subject should show me the best way to photograph it. With the gulls I am having to abandon pin-sharp photos at sunset and move towards a softer, more telling approach in full midday sun. This is what I have in my mind's eye.

So, thank you all for the many emails - and to answer some of them - no, I have not finished at Poppit yet - yes, I am using 35mm film cameras (Ilford HP5 for those that asked) and yes, I'll be following the gulls for as long as it takes.
All the best


  1. I like to be a wild photographer. It is my dream from my childhood hope i will get some valuable tips and suggestions from ur side :)

  2. Great stuff Mike! These closeups really bring out the character of the seagulls.

    More more more!

    Jill Silster